Oct 13, 2016


I think one of the reasons I have Hyrum is to teach me to see little milestones that I've never noticed before.  Well one occurred this evening.

Image result for earthI was feeding Eve and Hyrum came in needing something.  It sounded like he was saying "I need the of" and then some babbling with his arm making a large circle.  I couldn't understand, so he tried again.  "I need the of" with more babble and a large arm swing.  I still wasn't cluing in.  Some more babble and then he said, "the planet."  Ahhh!  They have this night light that changes pictures and the kids prefer the one with the Earth picture to the safari or ocean.  He was saying "I need the Earth."  The milestone was that he knew I was trying to understand what he was saying, but because I didn't understand, he found another word that expressed what he was wanting.  

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